Education is not an end in itself but a means to a better life.

Gyan Sagar International School, believes in this philosophy and remains committed to developing the young mind. We strive hard to sensitize every student to the environment and respond to it. GSIS  is a green school which inculcates a feeling for the environment and encourages students to care for the resources provided by mother earth and its flora and fauna. The world is one today and we embrace the cultures around the world to create an awareness which leads to our students being more suited to the global culture.

A self learning individual is able to learn and embrace the changes in this fast paced world without hindrance and emerge a winner every time. Learning through interdisciplinary projects and team work ensures that students are well equipped to handle the challenges of the workplace and the world. We believe that work is worship and teachers are like the proverbial candle which burns itself out to spread the light of knowledge. Every child, who enters the precincts of the school leaves as a committed citizen who cares for the environment, the country and is a true global citizen.